links for 2010-12-31

31 Dec
  • This post contains an organised series of links to my blog posts about investing. I hope to write more as we go along, and update this post constantly. This "book" should help you learn about Investment avenues in India, and where to go.
  • As the New Year approached, my 10-year-old son recently asked me what soldiers do during these times. For him and the millions who don’t know, I thought I’d tell what men in uniform do…
    Seniors will always tell youngsters about how much of a ruckus they created when they were young. They say things are easier for youngsters these days. They lie.
    With each passing decade, soldiers have had more difficult postings than ever before. Each year, internal security requirements increase and troops are moved within the country incessantly, having to fight in different terrains all the time. Some of these troops will die before this year ends. A few will die before today ends. Their families will never forget this New Year’s Eve, or any New Year for that matter. But I hope their children will be told about what their fathers did.
  • 3. Spend more face-to-face time with people. Texting is great for brief comments and questions, and email is great for quick communication, but actually take the time to see people in person…
    5. Ask yourself, "Does it really matter?"…
    6. Ask yourself, "Is this in my best interest?" And then listen to your answer. And act on it…
    8. Spend part of every day in silence. Turn off the music, TV, anything that makes noise. Just sit. And be.
    9. Read…
    14. Make a list of lifetime goals. Some people call this a "bucket list". That sounds kind of morbid to me, but whatever you call it, write down the things you want to accomplish in your life – no matter how outlandish they may seem. The fact that you've written your goals down means you've taken a huge step towards accomplishing them.
    15. Unplug. Spend at least 2 hours every day away from your iPhone, Blackberry, laptop, anything electronic. Sounds easy, right? Try it.
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