links for 2011-01-12

12 Jan
  • Reading to your kids is one of the all-time best things you can do with them, and for them. I love reading to my kids, and they love reading with me. It is some of the best quality time ever, and sharing a good book with a child is just a wonderful feeling.
    I’ve compiled a list of my all-time favorite children’s books — a list that can start any child’s library. It’s a starting point, to be sure — I’m sure you can think of many more to be included. But these are books I truly love (and my kids do too) and I think most kids and parents will love them. These are mostly time-tested classics, so there might not be too many surprises here, but sometimes it’s useful to be reminded of books we’ve forgotten about.
  • Those who follow the market are familiar with the earnings game: deliver an unexpected stellar quarter, and a stock can gain hundreds of millions, if not billions, of market value. But match, or barely beat expectations, and the market yawns, or worse, dumps the stock…
    Those of us who are in the market understand and play by these rules. But how many of us are guilty of falling into the same "what have you done for me lately?" mentality with our employees? When what our colleagues and employees do every day becomes no more than a benchmark to beat, it can seem unimpressive. We may start to undervalue what makes our organization really hum. Yet if they stopped doing what they always do, our business would surely unravel…
    Maybe some bosses worry that praising people for the stuff they do every day will disincentivize them from going the extra mile. But in fact, gratitude can be a vital tie that binds in a workplace.
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