links for 2011-01-21

21 Jan
  • Nina Paley has a fascinating interview (pdf) in the latest edition of Radical History Review…
    "Real things are limited. If you don't take care of the field, or if you overgraze it, then there's not enough grass for the other sheep. With cultural works, it's the exact opposite. The more they're shared, the more valuable they become. People apply these ideas about scarcity to culture, and culture is not scarce. People are thinking of the "problem of abundance": the idea that people don't know what to do with abundance. But there is no tragedy of the cultural commons. I've read justifications of copyright where people say that if culture is shared too much the value of the work is diluted. Who came up with that idea? The opposite is true: works do not become less valuable the more they're shared; they become more valuable the more they're shared. What on earth are they talking about when they say that sharing dilutes the value of the work?"
  • Get Your Children to Talk about Character.
    Use dilemma discussions. Children love to give their opinions. It makes them feel you value them.
    7. Pretend a bully lives next door to you. He calls you names, puts you down in front of other kids and punches you. What will you say? What will you do? Why?
    8. Pretend you earned a bad report card. You don’t want to show to your parents. What will you do? Why?
    9. Pretend your friends are outdoors playing your favorite game. You’re supposed to finish your chores before you play. Your parents might not notice if you play before you work. What will you do? Why?
    Dilemmas like those are easy for children to discuss.
    Praise them for their good solutions. When the real dilemmas test their characters, they’ll remember their own good advice. Your discussions will help them do the right thing.
    One more thing, don’t easily jump in with your opinion or tell them they’re wrong.
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