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22 Jan
  • Why do I have such fantasies? God knows. Or maybe my shrink. Perhaps my father did not praise me enough as a child. Or perhaps he heaped praise on me when once, accidentally no doubt, I accomplished some task extremely well. Perhaps it is genetic. But this is just a practical three-step program, not an attempt at psychotherapy…So we won't worry about why I, or you, have such fantasies. The point is that if you are a procrastinator, of the garden variety sort, something like this probably goes through your mind.
    This is perfectionism in the relevant sense. It's not a matter of really ever doing anything that is perfect or even comes close. It is a matter of using tasks you accept to feed your fantasy of doing things perfectly, or at any rate extremely well.
    How does the fantasy of perfection feed procrastination? Well, it's not so easy to do things perfectly.
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