links for 2011-02-02

02 Feb
  • As Singh reveals, there were so many things working against the film that it should not, by rights, have been made. But, almost miraculously, things fell into place, and the movie was even released. Not until you read Singh's book would you have known that Kundan Shah had no expectations of the film's actually being watched by audiences in theatres.
    The whole story comes alive under the writer's definitive signature, which intersperses narration with unobtrusive comment and analysis. Not to mention the heartwarming information that Kundan Shah is planning a sequel. Read the book, (re)watch the movie, then re-read the book. And don't forget to tip your hat to the publishers for commissioning this terrific series. If the first one is anything to go by, the rest will be fabulous too.
  • Bernie Goldhirsh, the founder of Inc. magazine, used to tell the staff to think of the magazine’s readers as “artists using both sides of their brains.” An entrepreneur, he said, was “someone with the soul of an artist whose means of expression happens to be business.”
    It would be hard to come up with a better example of entrepreneurial artistry than the one Warren Berger presents in the following excerpt. It’s worth noting, in particular, the “stupid” questions that drove Ray Davis’s process of redesigning Umpqua Bank: Why do people come to a bank? and What does a bank do? In effect, Davis was asking, Why are we in business? and What is our purpose?
    Those questions are, of course, the most important questions that any business leader can ask…
    The sad part is that so few business leaders ask those questions, particularly if those leaders run large, public companies.
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