links for 2011-02-08

08 Feb
  • That’s the problem with success. In fact, that’s the problem with our lives. We are always chasing The Big Dream. It’s only when you fulfil your larger than life ambitions that you realise how hollow they actually were…
    They are not really all that small, when you look back at them. But then nothing on your bucket list is ever big or small. It’s what you make of them. Life’s about choices. Most of us are so busy chasing our standard template dreams that we never notice the ones on the sideline. It’s only when you get back to your list or update it from time to time that you notice all the stuff you missed out on. And then, all that you actually achieved looks so trite, trivial and unnecessary that you wish you had another shot at life.
  • I don't remember a lot of details from that year, but I remember how unfair I though her system of teaching multiplication was. We learned the multiplication tables and there was only one passing grade: 100 percent…
    Mrs. McKinley was indeed a kind of "Tiger Teacher." She was a great teacher and a tough teacher and her toughness worked because it was based in love. She also did some things that every boss can learn from.
    You always knew what was expected. There were no surprises and no "I'm the teacher and I'm in charge" power trips.
    Standards were clear and enforced. Violators of the rules suffered the consequences and those consequences were as inevitable as nature.
    She had a reason for everything she did and she was willing to explain it, patiently, if asked about it.
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