links for 2011-02-09

09 Feb
  • Many people deal with kids in a way that they think they do not understand money…This is very funny and sad. Let us run a checklist on what your kids are learning:
    – Do your kids realize that everything costs money?
    -Do they know that you go off every morning to work your butt out to fill up the ATM so that it has money to give you whenever you need it?
    Do they see cash at all…or do they only see you swiping and signing? Handling cash surely helps in learning about cash management.
    Does your kid have a piggy bank? It works!
    Do you yourself delay some gratification or you are the ‘Can afford it, Must have it’ types. Teaching delayed gratification is a very important lesson for your kids. Later on in life if you want to see them behave responsibly towards money it will be absolutely necessary to teach them this aspect of life.
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