links for 2011-02-14

14 Feb
  • So how do we stop kidding ourselves and take back control of our attention — and our lives? Here are six simple ways to start:
    1. Let your deepest values become a more powerful guide to your behaviors.
    2. Slow down. The faster you're moving, the more likely you're reacting rather than reflecting.
    3. Build deliberate practices, ritualized behaviors you do at specific times until they become automatic.
    4. Create "precommitments" to minimize temptation.
    5. Share your commitments. Tell others what it is you're intending to do, and ask them to hold you accountable.
    6. Start small. Attention operates like a muscle. Subject it to stress — but not too much stress — and over time your attention will get stronger. What's your current limit for truly focused concentration? Build it up in increments. And don't go past 90 minutes without a break. That's the time to let your attention wander.
  • "The government today said telecom operators will have to stop any such services that can not be monitored as per the satisfaction of law enforcement agencies. BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion (RIM) has been saying that it cannot provide access to the popular BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) as it does not possess any key and the security architecture is the same around the world."…
    Either I missed the outrage or no one cares as much about this issue. And to those who argue this is a necessary security measure, I ask them to keep the doors of their houses open because, you know, most terrorist attacks are planned in closed structures.
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