links for 2011-02-24

24 Feb
  • We asked our Facebook pals for places that they have been to and they think should be on everyone's "to see before I die" list. Here's what they came up with. Tell us which one's you've been to, or add your own recommendations, in the comments at the bottom.
    (tags: travel)
  • Motorola is taking aim at the iPad just as Apple is expected to announce, next week, a second-generation of its tablet. Little is known about this second iPad, but it’s widely expected to take away at least one of the Xoom’s advantages over the original iPad—cameras—and is rumored to be thinner and lighter, since weight was one of the most common complaints about the generally praised first iPad.
    The iPad has way more tablet-specific apps—around 60,000 versus a handful—and, in my tests, much better battery life. Plus, whatever the specs say, it’s a fast device with a beautiful screen that delights people daily. But, overall, the Xoom with Honeycomb is a strong alternative to the original iPad, and one that will only improve over time.
  • Will you be surprised and shocked to know that my list has grown to 162 titles? At the rate I currently read, that’s about 2 ½ year’s worth of reading. And I keep adding to it. My Excel list has hundreds of titles on it. My Zotero folder, well, I’m afraid to count how many titles are saved in it. One of these days I will finally click “send” on the email and add the list to Zotero. Then I will promptly begin a new email list. It is inevitable. I read and I work in a library. It is my fate and my doom to have a “to read” list longer than a couple of lifetimes.
    Good thing I’ve going to live forever. At least in my eternity I know I will never be at a loss for something to read.
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