links for 2011-03-23

23 Mar
  • Words like "productivity," "efficiency," and "innovation" are defined by goal posts of our own creation: number of units shipped, revenue and profit, EPS and shareholder return. But when you think of the world this way, you forget two things: first, people, and second, that the numbers themselves are not a product. Both are symptoms of a soulless approach to business: when who we are is dictated by strategy and metrics, what we make lacks humanity — in terms of both our products and services, and the cultures we cultivate.
  • we attribute other people’s behavior to psychology and our own behavior to context…
    They’re not different kinds of people than we were when we were their age. Human nature hasn’t changed. But behavior is motivation filtered through opportunity. One of the questions to ask yourself as a manager is, are they responding to opportunities that were different than opportunities I had and constraints that were different than constraints I had…
    If the search costs for finding a new job are easier outside your company than inside your company, you’re communicating something to them about loyalty as well…
    But it’s culturally very hard, because it accepts the fact that the employees who are on your front line, who may well be your best next employees in higher positions, have a much greater ability to search for opportunity than they used to. And so you can’t rely on them sticking around for however long you want them to stick around before you promote them
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