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24 Mar
  • In the course of making a decision, managers often err in one of two directions—either overanalyzing a situation or forgoing all the relevant information and simply going with their gut. HBS marketing professor Michael I. Norton discusses the potential pitfalls of thinking too much or thinking too little. Key concepts include:
    – When deciding among potential products or employees, managers often take too much time considering all the attributes of their choices—even attributes that have no bearing on the situation at hand.
    – However, in trying to avoid overthinking a decision for fear of decision paralysis, managers often "over-correct" and end up not thinking enough.
    – We know that sometimes people think too much, and sometimes they think too little. But we still don't know the right amount to think.
  • जब भी कश्ती मेरी सैलाब में आ जाती है
    माँ दुआ करती हुई ख़्वाब में आ जाती है

    रोज़ मैं अपने लहू से उसे ख़त लिखता हूँ
    रोज़ उंगली मेरी तेज़ाब में आ जाती है

    दिल की गलियों से तेरी याद निकलती ही नहीं
    सोहनी फिर इसी पंजाब में आ जाती है

    रात भर जागते रहने का सिला है शायद
    तेरी तस्वीर-सी महताब में आ जाती है

    एक कमरे में बसर करता है सारा कुनबा
    सारी दुनिया दिले- बेताब में आ जाती है

    ज़िन्दगी तू भी भिखारिन की रिदा ओढ़े हुए
    कूचा – ए – रेशमो -किमख़्वाब में आ जाती है

    दुख किसी का हो छलक उठती हैं मेरी आँखें
    सारी मिट्टी मिरे तालाब में आ जाती है

  • Education Secretary Michael Gove says that children aged 11 should be reading 50 books a year to improve literacy standards.
    We asked three of Britain's leading children's authors and two of our in-house book experts to each pick 10 books, suitable for Year 7 students.
    The authors chose books that have brought them huge joy, while expressing their outrage at the "great big contradiction" of Mr Gove's claim to wish to improve literacy while closing libraries across the country.
  • You can argue that learning and working and socializing together is more effective when it's held in person and you might be right. The reality, though, is that people and organizations have other options and they're using them.
    A few years ago I was talking with a client who has a background in what the Army calls information operations. His job is to influence the thinking of allies and enemies. He told me about attending a briefing at the Pentagon on how Al Qaeda was using one of the new social media technologies. My client said that going into the briefing, he wasn't that interested because he didn't "get" the technology. By the time he left the briefing, he realized that it didn't matter whether or not he "got" it. The enemy was using it and he had to figure out how to deal with that whether he got it or not.
    What are you ignoring or arguing against because you don't get it? What are you doing to challenge your assumptions about how things should be or will always be?
  • I’m now using Firefox 4 RC as my main browser; it’s stable, fast and the UI changes feel like a big step forward. I haven’t had much problem getting my addons working but the delicious bookmarking extension didn’t want to play ball. I use it on a daily basis…so this was a real dealbreaker for me.
    After a bit of searching on Google I couldn’t find a simple tutorial so I thought I’d put this one together and help out anybody else looking for a solution to this problem. Please note, this is for OSX but the process will be very similar on Windows too. I’m also assuming you have upgraded from FF 3.6 and already had the delicious extension installed.
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