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  • What is it about our societies that allows us, indeed often encourages us, to so devalue one-half of our population?…
    The site most resistant to change, it seems to me, is that part of the human brain where beliefs, whether religious or otherwise, and values reside. These two are not inherent, but created, by education, or by our upbringing. And clearly, even today, in our homes and families, in our educational institutions, we’re taught that women are somehow inferior. So entrenched are these beliefs, that despite all evidence to the contrary…we continue to believe it.
    This is why the hundreds of thousands of women who bring up families and ensure their children get the best despite poverty, and at considerable cost to themselves…have such a difficult task ahead of them. They’ve got to fight for their place in the sun and convince everyone around them that they’re capable of retaining it, of making the world a better place.
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