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12 Apr
  • This is something that most people don't realise when they start – but their careers are going to be a source of frustration for them. There are the day-to-day issues…But there are also larger, more philosophical problems. About six months into your career, you start thinking "Am I really cut out for this? Should I be doing something else? Is this meaningful?"
    And then you realise that you have EMIs to pay and resign yourself to your job…
    Nobody is safe, no matter how interesting the job or how good the pay…
    We need a solution to counteract all this motivation and push towards achievement, which just ends up giving us boring jobs. So here is my proposal: a support group for people who are fed up with the corporate life and are figuring out what they should do instead. It's the opposite of career consulting – this is anti-career consulting, which encourages you and gives you guidance on how to enter jobs that society looks down upon, but which are actually more fulfilling.
  • See, what Google needs to do is make the ultimate time waster guide…
    Can I do any of this on Google now? No.
    Should I?
    Why? Because wasting time is big business. We spend billions, if not trillions, wasting time. Just ask the travel industry. Or the gaming industry. Or the movie industry. Or the music industry. Or the skiing industry.
    And we want to waste time more productively.
    This is where Google should play to its strength. They have the infrastructure to connect us to friends who want to help us waste time better. They still have a few people who will code it up. They still understand the web and mobile than most any other company. They still have those funny cars going around making cool maps
    Google’s bonus should be based on how well its services have helped me waste my time more productively.
    So far Google plays a very small role in helping me waste time, when compared to these newer “social” services
  • You know what I like more than books? Stories. I love stories. I love to read the tales of others, to marvel at a great writer’s turn of phrase, to be transported by a great author’s incredible ideas…
    Let’s be honest about this. Why is an avid reader really an avid reader? Do they like to go and buy a new book every week and run their fingers over it, sniffing deeply? Maybe. But is that the primary reason for buying it? No, of course it’s not. You’d have to be pretty fucked up to prefer the smell of a book over its contents. People buy books because they love stories. The delivery system is hardly relevant – it’s the content we want. We want that transportative magic of well-crafted fiction…
    Get over yourselves, people that don’t like ebooks. It’s all about the story, the wonderment, not the delivery system. Also, if you’re sitting there saying, “But, but, but!” and you have all these reasons why ebooks are shit, let me see if I can address them first
  • I'd kill for a room like this 🙂
  • While I am not advocating that we all run around blundering and goofing up all the time—and certainly none of us like dealing with people who make the same mistake over and over—our fear of mistakes has a very high cost.
    We exert enormous energy blaming each other when something goes wrong rather than finding a solution. Defensiveness and accusations take the place of apologies and forgiveness. Mistake-avoidance creates workplaces where making changes and being creative while risking failure is subsumed by an ethos of mistake-prevention at the cost of daring and innovation.
  • In the global race to achieve faster, better, cheaper business greatness, most leaders face a huge gap between the goals they set and the actual results achieved by the people in their organizations. This phenomenon is not a failure to plan, but rather, a failure to execute…
    While there are many possible explanations for the root cause of the gap, the one common, recurring element is a stubborn, nagging blind spot: People issues.
    They won’t go away. They are always around. No matter how much you try to avoid them by setting goals and staying busy, people issues are always right in front of you, either helping or hurting your organization’s competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • “Sssshhhh, “Hussshh” or “Kisi se yeh batane ki zaroorat nahi” are some of the most common ways in which Child Sexual Abuse has traditionally been dealt with in India. Not only India is a country with one of the highest child abuse cases, rather 53% of children in India have faced some or other form of sexual abuse in their lives! The impact and after effects are many – from insecurity to depression, from being conscious towards your own body to hating the natural growth, from being weak to being scared, from physical woes to psychological traumas…and if not discussed or addressed properly at the right time, such abuse can actually leave a life time scar on the victim’s mind. So, do not try to keep it under wraps just because you are scared of confronting the abuser, make your kids and other kids around you aware of right & wrong and empower them to express their feelings freely to you. Educate them to deal with it and support them to overcome it.
  • Child sexual abuse has life long repercussions. It is not just something that you read in the newspaper, something that happens to someone else’s child. It happens right in our homes under our noses because in most cases, it involves people known and trusted by the family. Don’t be one of those foolish people who think only girls are affected. Boys are equally at risk and affected just as much.

    The answer begins with staying aware and vigilant at all times. So please all of you, go through the survivor stories, tips on how you can help an abused child, how you can recognize if abuse is happening and other means of increasing awareness at the CSAA blog here. Also take a look at this report, Study on Child Sexual Abuse 2007 (a downloadable pdf file).

  • Being a boss is a bit like playing golf. There are 42 bazillion things you can get good advice about and then concentrate on improving. That's part of the fun…
    The list is not exhaustive. The order of the items does not indicate priority.
    Change means better.
    Coordination is making all the parts work together effectively and efficiently.
    Control is the "C" word no one seems to want to talk about, but paying attention to it is part of your job.
    Care is a verb.
    Courtesy and Civility are important.
    Connections give meaning to human beings.
    Credit should be given.
    Consequences must be delivered.
    Communication is vital and devilishly hard to get right.
    Conversations are an important tool of your trade.
    Courage is what you need when things are uncomfortable and scary.
  • Most reasonably bookish Indians discover Gerald Durrell reasonably early in life. It’s only later that Lawrence Durrell appears on the radar. I’m not sure how many of them ever really discover Lawrence; books that look as if they’d take an effort to read are never going to be that widespread. But everyone knows that he exists, and it’s something of a shock to realise that the author of the Alexandria Quartet and the Avignon Quintet is the “Larry” of My Family and Other Animals…
    For a person who has not read them the defining characteristic of the Alexandria and Avignon books is that they are long. They are also complex and interlinked…
    Against these vast, rich works for which Durrell is known Stiff Upper Lip rather stands out. This is a slim volume of stories about life in the diplomatic corps…All the stories are narrated by Antrobus, a character who…tell(s) stories chronicling the follies of those surrounding him.
    And such follies they are.
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