links for 2011-09-25

25 Sep
  • Wherever we look, we see problems of leadership…And I wonder if it is because we don't see how each of us can make a difference by demanding more of our leaders — and demanding more of ourselves as leaders…
    We know that becoming a leader is the start of something, not its culmination. We need leaders who champion ideas, who create things, who fuel cultures of innovation so we can all contribute our biggest and best selves. We need leaders working with us to create, inspire, and show us strength of character in these times.
    Leadership is not an occasional task. It's a way of being. Leadership is not a job or a title, but the set of micro actions we take every day. They add up. Leaders don't just make an appearance to be able to say they were there. No, no, no. Leaders show up having dealt with their other obligations so they can be fully engaged — to participate, to co-create, to inspire. To lead.
  • 1. I'm anti-corruption.
    2. I'm anti-Anna Hazare.
    3. Hazare is a sanctimonious right-wing tyrant so cloaked in his own virtue that he believes he is above the law.
    4. The law is frequently an ass.
    5. Nevertheless, the law is frequently our only hope.
    6. Better the elected asses than the dictatorial unelected.
    7. The government is playing into Hazare's hands with its idiocy.
    8. Yes, these views can be held simultaneously.
  • College students asked about what they regret almost always talk about actions they took that did not go well: asking someone out and getting turned down, getting drunk, or failing a test. In contrast, older people generally regret actions that they did not take: not learning to dance, not asking out an attractive person, not taking advantage of an opportunity, etc. The backward-looking perspective highlights missed opportunities and things left unsaid.
    Throughout your career, there will be many potentially pivotal moments — times when you make decisions that might shape the next several years of your life. In these moments, there is a tendency to be risk-averse. People shy away from opportunities that might go wrong for fear that they will regret failing.
    A second line of research, though, suggests that you should not be too afraid of failure.
  • Seriously awesome videos…will make you wish you were there!
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