links for 2011-09-26

26 Sep
  • And then the day came,
    when the risk
    to remain tight
    in a bud
    was more painful
    than the risk
    it took
    to blossom.
  • Do not carve on stone or wood,
    "He was honest" or "He was good."
    Write in smoke on a passing breeze
    Seven words… and the words are these,
    Telling all that a volume could,
    "He lived, he laughed and… he understood."
  • All that is gold does not glitter,
    Not all those who wander are lost;
    The old that is strong does not wither,
    Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
    From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
    A light from the shadows shall spring;
    Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
    The crownless again shall be king.
  • I, like many of you artists out there, constantly shift between two states. The first…is white-hot, "in the zone" seat-of-the-pants, firing on all cylinders creative mode. This is when you lay your pen down and the ideas pour out like wine from a royal chalice! This happens about 3% of the time.
    The other 97% of the time I am in the frustrated, struggling, office-corner-full-of-crumpled-up-paper mode. The important thing is to slog diligently through this quagmire of discouragement and despair…
    In a word: PERSIST.
    PERSIST on telling your story. PERSIST on reaching your audience. PERSIST on staying true to your vision…
    So next time you hit writer's block, or your computer crashes and you lose an entire night's work because you didn't hit save…just remember: you're never far from that next burst of divine creativity. Work through that 97% of murky abyssmal mediocrity to get to that 3% which everyone will remember you for!
    I guarantee you, the art will be well worth the work!
  • (Sidin Vadukut on putting your dreams & talents on hold…looking for social approval & 'safety')
    It was perhaps when you were in class VII or class VIII that you first realized that you had an unusual propensity for fast bowling/singing/papier mache sculpting…
    Four years later and you are scrambling around Mumbai to establish the Indian head office of the British company you’ve just been hired to run. Big job. Massive money. Crazy schedule. Your local hires are all morons. So you decide to scout locations yourself.
    You meet a broker at Cafe Leopold. Or maybe have an espresso with “real estate advisors” at the Taj at Apollo Bunder. Maybe a friend at the club knows of excellent properties at Opera House​ and Dadar. And you go to see for yourself.
    And now it is much too late for sculpting or fast-bowling or singing or designing.
  • Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely, as Lord Acton famously wrote. But I don’t think he got it quite right: power may corrupt, but absolute power corrupts a lot less than partial power…
    I am not saying that all people doing lowly roles enjoy lording it over an incompetent, hysterical mother; some of them are remarkably nice.
    However, there is a syndrome of lowly nastiness that tends to get overlooked in management theory. It is often observed that the people at the top are bastards, but we forget that the people at the bottom can be even bigger ones.
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