Links for 08-Feb-2012

08 Feb
  • What complex problems have in common is they do have answers… you just know they’re solvable. If you’re willing to burn the midnight oil (or get someone else to work late) you can deliver an answer. Solving complex problems involves a lot of “sweat and stamina”, as one of my old boss’s use to say… there is an answer at the end of the rainbow…
    By contrast, ambiguous problems can’t be addressed by brute force…
    Ambiguous problems can’t be solved by an excel model, they can’t be addressed by formulas or by putting in more hours at work. And that’s the chief reason why average organizations shy away from dealing with them. They’re perpetually stuck at the “Where would we even start?” stage.
    But the best run companies recognize the enormous value of effectively dealing with ambiguous problems. They don’t shy away from them, instead they call them out…
    As Finance professionals we are trained to solve complex problems, but as managers we need to learn how to solve the ambiguous ones.

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  • (Comment: One of the best posts on Goal-setting I have read in a long long while!)
    My 1999 goals are still taped on the wall. They remind me of what can I can accomplish when I get really clear about my priorities. Here’s what I learned about goals:
    Write your goals down.
    Put your goals somewhere visible, where you’ll see them everyday.
    Don’t keep your goals a secret.
    You have to really want it.
    Goals need to be connected to a larger purpose that shows why they are important, and helps answer the question “What’s next” once they are achieved.
    Carry your goals over to the next year to create a sense of flow.
    Goal setting is not always a logical process.

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  • Facebook says in its filing that just over half of its 845 million monthly active users log on every day. – Claire Cain Miller
    Facebook stores more than 100 petabytes (100 quadrillion bytes) of photos and videos, it says. It has built storage and serving technologies, like Haystack, to efficiently serve and store the data. — Brian Chen

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