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growing up

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Life…some days :)

No further comments, but some days it sure feels like this!

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My life…recently

My life...recently

No comments! I guess none required 😐

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Inscrutable India???

Once in a while you come across a piece of writing so lucid, so satirical, and so accurate that it makes you weep.

People: India has one of the largest population but few Indians. In India there are Assamese, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, and others but not many Indians. Most of the Indian live abroad. People in India love to multiply and divide. They exhaust all possible combinations to form smaller and smaller groups, and all of them are far superior to the rest. What binds them gather is their love for movies, music from movies, and mobile. Men revere their goddesses, fear their mother, admire others’ wives, abuse their wives, and spoil their daughters. Women spend their lives preparing for marriage, getting married, and hating their marriage.

Custom: Indians use right hand for food, and left hand for bribe. They donate money to their god, and collect money from their bride. During major religious ceremony, the rich get to starve, and the poor get to eat. Indians burn dead bodies and living wives. In India, if a man holds his own hand, it is greeting; if he holds another man’s hand, it is friendship, if he holds his own wife’s hand, it is indecent. Custom dictates that women hide their face and expose their midriff.

Read the whole thing here. Just Brilliant… 🙂

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Are you too busy?

It’s called procrastination. It’s divided into three parts: PRE-crastination is all the things you do before you start your serious PRO-crastination which comes right before a good session of POST-crastination. Then you can do whatever it is. Or not.

Bing serves some recipes for tackling bussitude. (I love that word, btw!)

As he says:

…our kind of lifestyle can go on for a while, but in the end does take its toll.

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Last Cricket Post…ever

I promise! 🙂

“Realize this all of you. When I see India on the field, I see a bunch of care-worn 9-to-5-ers walking out with the cheerfulness of one approaching a loan officer for a second mortgage or going to the train station to receive his mother-in-law. And then I see the Bangladesh team –taking the field with all the eagerness of men on forbidden, impulsive journeys caring not whether their path ends in fulfilment or disaster, secure in the knowledge that the magic that happens tonight, they shall carry with them. Forever.

Go out men. The grass is green.

Spread the joy.

And, most importantly, get some.”

Greatbong rules!

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Taxing the Rich

This cartoon just cracked me up…someone send it to all the socialists out there! (Link via Businesspundit)


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