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29 Jul
  • 13. Blogging expands your world. From a reader's perspective, the sheer variety of content that blogging enables introduces one to ideas and content we may not otherwise have come across otherwise. There's a lot of such content out there, and over time we find out own filters to navigate this content. Thanks to blogs, I've learned much more about the world than I otherwise would have.
    From a blogger's perspective, the world expands as much. Most of my close friends today are people I met through blogging — many of them also bloggers. At a personal level, this is what I cherish most in my journey as a blogger — the people I have met, the friends I have made. Much as I mock the term, maybe there is something to be said for 'social' media after all.
    Desperate to rein in high attrition levels, India’s top information technology (IT) firms are offering mid-term hikes, promotions and even restricted stock (shares that are locked in for a fixed period before they can be sold) to keep employees from hopping on to rival companies.
    Most IT firms had cut perks and frozen salary hikes during the downturn of 2008-09 as business from customers had slowed.
    But with the economy improving in the US—the largest market for Indian IT firms—customers are offshoring more work to save costs and remain competitive.
    To meet this spurt in demand, IT firms are scouting for experienced employees who can deliver quality codes to their customers.
  • headmaster further explained how he tries to make sure the schoolchildren take the “RO water” back home for drinking, for themselves and their families…the children all come from the surrounding hutments…have no access to clean drinking water. Inevitably, that causes diseases which affect, among other things, the children’s attendance at school.
    It’s a simple initiative. Yet, in the current Indian context, as in the past, where most children lug water bottles to school or struggle with poor quality water or even thirst, this is certainly a wondrous reversal. This simple act can be called leadership…
    Education cannot be viewed in glorious isolation, cut off from what happens in the family and the local community…
    The second and related issue is one of ownership: The school must own the community and the community must own the school…
  • The only way to get authors and publishers to embrace this device is to sell 20,000,000 of them. You either become the best and only platform for consuming books worth buying or you fail. And the only way to create that footprint in the face of an iPad is to make it so cheap to buy and use it's irresistible.
    I saw a two-year old kid (in diapers, in a stroller), using an iPod Touch today. Not just looking at it, but browsing menus and interacting. This is a revolution, guys.
  • Our group therapist also mentioned that many people are so rejected by a rejection that they don't try again. And we wouldn't want THAT! We really WOULD like you to keep sending us your article ideas and scripts. . .so we can keep sending you these idiotic rejection slips!
  • When I am most successful, it's because the people around me have made me successful. It comes down to the fact that success is created by a group of people and not by any single individual. How do you get people to come together around a goal and objective and be great? It's establishing a sense of common purpose. Greatness doesn't come from a tactical sense of execution. Greatness comes having a vision that goes beyond yourself and even beyond the organization.
  • "Awesome! Says exactly what tomorrow's employees want to hear from today's organisations"
    We will focus not on the time you spend in office but the results you achieve…
    We will provide value, not jobs.
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